I was born and raised in Lewiston, NY, just one town north of Niagara Falls, NY. I love this area and no matter what I did or where I ended up in life I wanted to find a way to be engrained in this community. I also stayed local for college and attended Niagara University. I attained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I currently work as a logistics coordinator for Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY.

Growing up I had always wanted to open my own business and loved the idea of owning my own restaurant. I met Joe while attending Niagara University and his concentrated passion for culinary arts, and the food service industry, along with my passion for business and desire to own a restaurant created a great pair. Our partnership was then introduced to Mike who had the passion for coffee, and had experience in business and working with the city of Niagara Falls. Our trio became a very well balanced group and quickly enabled us to make our vision a reality.